Elizabeth Ackert

Assistant Professor

5806 Ellison Hall
Professor Ackert conducts research in the areas of population geography, immigration, health geography, and urban geography using quantitative social science research methods.

Kathy Baylis


5808 Ellison Hall
I explore how agricultural, trade, and conservation policy affects human and environmental outcomes.

Leila Carvalho


6808 Ellison Hall
An interdisciplinary domain that investigates coupled systems to advance understanding of the Earth’s climate on multiple scales.

Susan Cassels

Associate Professor

5710 Ellison Hall
The central focus of my research is on geographic mobility, sexual health, and HIV prevention mostly among sexual and gender minorities.

Kelly Caylor


6812 Ellison Hall
Professor Caylor studies the interactions between water, vegetation, and society across the world’s drylands.

Vena Chu

Assistant Professor

4818 Ellison Hall
Remote sensing and field observations to study Arctic hydrologic systems in a changing climate.

Tim DeVries

Associate Professor

6804 Ellison Hall
The Ocean Circulation and Biogeochemistry lab works to understand the physical, chemical, and biological processes controlling the Earth's climate through the exchange of heat and carbon between the ocean and atmosphere.

Qinghua Ding

Associate Professor

6806 Ellison Hall
Tropical-extratropical teleconnection, Large-scale atmosphere/ocean interaction, Polar climate variability, Paleoclimate, Climate change, Seasonal prediction, Coupled climate modeling.

Somayeh Dodge

Assistant Professor

4814 Ellison Hall
My research focuses on developing data analytics, knowledge discovery, modeling, simulation, and visualization techniques to study movement and spatiotemporal processes.

Vamsi Ganti

Assistant Professor

4810 Ellison Hall
Mechanics of landscape evolution in modern and ancient times.

Konstadinos Goulias


5706 Ellison Hall
Dynamic microsimulation, travel behavior analysis, activity-based travel demand forecasting, behavioral dynamics, human survey design, smart green cities.

Krzysztof Janowicz


4830/2610 Ellison Hall
Broadly speaking, Janowicz's research interests are at the intersection of geographic information science, data science, behavioral geography, and cognitive science.

Charles Jones


6810 Ellison Hall
Research interests are in precipitation variability, extreme events, weather forecasts, predictability studies, regional modeling, monsoon systems, climate change and wildfires in California.

Jennifer King


5812 Ellison Hall
I am a biogeochemist. I investigate natural and anthropogenic processes that influence patterns of element cycling in terrestrial ecosystems.

Hugo Loaiciga


3626A Ellison Hall
My research and teaching both focus on Hydrology & Water Resources Systems.

David Lopez-Carr


4836 Ellison Hall / 3212 Phelps Hall
Human-environment dynamics, population, health, environment, livelihoods, land use, impacts, vulnerability, resilience, planetary health.

Joe McFadden

Associate Professor

5816 Ellison Hall
Vegetation–atmosphere interactions, urban climate, urban ecology, remote sensing, carbon cycle, water and energy budgets.

Dan Montello


5711 Ellison Hall
Professor Montello’s research is in the areas of spatial, environmental, and geographic perception, cognition, affect, and behavior.

Alan Murray

Department Vice Chair

5718 Ellison Hall
GIScience, location modeling, spatial optimization, spatial analytics, regional science, natural resource management and emergency response.

Trisalyn Nelson

Jack and Laura Dangermond Chair of Geography

4803 Ellison Hall
As a researcher, Dr. Nelson and her team develop and apply spatial and spatial-temporal analyses to address applied questions in a wide range of fields from ecology to health.

Nick Nidzieko

Associate Professor
Diversity Officer

4316 MSRB / 5830 Ellison Hall
Coastal physical oceanography and autonomous platforms.

Dar Roberts


3611 Ellison Hall
I use remote sensing to study environmental problems using sensors that cover the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

David Siegel


6844 Ellison Hall
Physical and optical oceanography, physical/ecological coupling, ocean biogeochemistry, and spatial ecology via ship and remote observations and numerical modeling.

Stuart Sweeney

Department Chair

5809 Ellison Hall
Problems associated with poverty and interregional differences in development trajectories. These interests are manifest in, and interact with, aspects of demography (fertility, family formation, migration), health (morbidity), livelihood (especially agriculturists), and gender.

Anna Trugman

Assistant Professor

4816 Ellison Hall
How changes in climate and water availability affect ecosystem diversity, productivity, and resilience across large spatial scales.

Ian Walker


4834 Ellison Hall
Coastal and aeolian (windblown) geomorphology, beaches, dunes, coastal erosion, sediment transport, geoarchaeology.