Research Facilities & Labs

Recharge Facilities, Research Laboratories, Classrooms, Teaching Labs, and Room Locations.

Research Labs

  • Biogeochemistry Lab
  • Coast Lab
  • Climate Variations and Changes (CLIVAC)
  • Data Observatory
  • Geographic Cognition Lab
  • Hydrology Lab
  • Movement Data Science Lab (MOVE)
  • SPAR Lab
  • Spatio-Temporal Knowledge Observatory (STKO) Lab
  • UCSB Ocean Circulation and Biogeochemistry Lab
  • Visualization & Image Processing for Environmental Research (VIPER)
  • Lab Soils Lab
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems Lab
  • Vegetation Dynamics and Ecohydrology Laboratory

Recharge Facilities

  • Experimental Sedimentology Laboratory
  • GIS and Earth Observing Services - @UCSB


Academic Personnel & Space Analyst

 Room Locations

 Academic Facilities


2609 Ellison Hall

29 seats (24 seats at tables)

2620 Ellison Hall

39 seats (30 seats at tables)

3621 Ellison Hall

48 seats (40 at tables)

Conference Rooms

1835 Ellison Hall

10 seats around conference tables and a high-end video conferencing system

4824 Ellison Hall

Classroom format with 24 seats at tables and a podium for the instructor

5824 Ellison Hall

Large conference table with 14 seats, 20 seats in row format, and a podium for the instructor

 Teaching Labs

2616 Ellison Hall Descartes Lab

2616 Ellison Hall / Descartes Lab has 24 seats with computer stations and a podium for the instructor.

The Descartes Laboratory is named after René Descartes, the 17th century French mathematician, philosopher, and scientist who is considered the father of analytic geometry and the founder of modern rationalism.

3620 Ellison Hall STAR Lab

3620 Ellison Hall/Star Lab has 28 computer stations and a podium for the instructor.

The Jeffrey L. Star lab is named after a Lecturer in Geography who helped to establish the core curriculum in remote sensing in the early 1990s, and who, along with Jack Estes, identified the need to integrate remote sensing and GIS. Jeff had a PhD in Oceanography from UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography and was a brilliant computer scientist; his life was cut short by cancer.

2525 Phelps Hall / Physical Geography Instructional Lab

2525 Phelps Hall/Physical Geography Instructional Lab (PGIL) has 24 computers at lab benches and an instructor station.