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Ocean Sciences at UCSB Geography seeks to understand the changing processes that affect Earth's climate, marine ecosystems, and coastal landscapes. Our domain includes many aspects of interdisciplinary marine science, including: oceanography, coastal and estuarine processes, spatial ecology, ocean circulation and mixing, marine and coastal ecosystems, climate and climate variability, carbon and other biogeochemical cycles, and interactions between the ocean, atmosphere, and land. Faculty expertise includes physical oceanography, coastal geomorphology, climate and carbon cycle, remote sensing, optical oceanography, numerical modeling, fieldwork (both shore-based and ship-based), robotic observations, and environmental fluid mechanics.

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The Ocean Circulation and Biogeochemistry lab works to understand the physical, chemical, and biological processes controlling the Earth's climate through the exchange of heat and carbon between the ocean and atmosphere.
Associate Professor
Diversity Officer
Coastal physical oceanography
Physical and optical oceanography, physical/ecological coupling, ocean biogeochemistry, and spatial ecology via ship and remote observations and numerical modeling.
Coastal and aeolian (windblown) geomorphology, beaches, dunes, coastal erosion, sediment transport, geoarchaeology.