Affiliated Faculty

Peter Alagona

Affiliated Faculty

4013 Bren Hall
Environmental history & conservation science.

Jia-Ching Chen

Affiliated Faculty

2127 SSMS
Currently, his interests are in China's role in shaping the global green economy and the spread of Chinese planning expertise through its international development activities.

Frank Davis

Affiliated Faculty

3512 Bren Hall
Professor Davis uses remote sensing and GIS to analyze the distribution and management of wild species and ecosystems.

Jim Frew

Affiliated Faculty

Research interests lie in the emerging field of environmental informatics, a synthesis of computer, information, and Earth sciences.

Mary Hegarty

Affiliated Faculty

Cognition, Perception, and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Jeffrey Hoelle

Affiliated Faculty

I am a cultural anthropologist interested in human-environment interactions in the Brazilian Amazon.

Edward Keller

Affiliated Faculty

My research efforts include areas of surface processes and active tectonics centered on the western Transverse Ranges of southern California.

Ashley Larsen

Associate Professor

4408 Bren Hall
Prof. Larsen studies interactions among land use decisions, biodiversity, and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes.

John Melack

Affiliated Faculty

4424 Bren Hall
Combine remote sensing with field studies of ecology in the Amazon and Sierra Nevada.

Clayton Nall

3719 Ellison Hall
I am a political scientist with research in political geography, local politics, and the politics of housing and transportation. My latest work examines how people understand the economic effects of housing construction in their neighborhoods and metropolitan areas.
I look at how plants, water, climate, and people interact - from the scale of a tree to watersheds. I do this by combining multiple sources of data with earth system models - that my group designs and applies. Eco-hydrology meets Eco-Informatics.