Michael Bales

System Administrator

1713 Ellison Hall
System Administrator

Michael Colee

Director of Computing

6703 Ellison Hall
Directs computing services for both Geography and the Earth Research Institute.

Alex Feldwinn

Help Desk Manager
Windows Systems Administrator

1709 Ellison Hall
Helps administer department Windows servers and manages all the instructional spaces. Also manages the desktop support for the staff, faculty, and graduate students in the department.

Kathryn Ficke

Student Programs Manager
Graduate Program Advisor

1831 Ellison Hall
Responsible for student affairs management, management of graduate programs, graduate admissions, and graduate student employment.

John Huber

Contracts & Grants Manager

Working Remotely
Manages Geography contract/grant administration and supervises staff in personnel, finances, purchasing/travel, and space.

Timothy King

Personnel Analyst

1844 Ellison Hall
Manages departmental personnel administration for Student, Staff, Researcher (non-faculty), and Affiliate appointments, including hiring, payroll, timecard procedures, job description facilitation, and benefits questions.

Alycia Lewis

Business Officer

1841 Ellison Hall
Oversees all departmental operations: Academic Personnel, Human Resources, Student Affairs, Budget & Finance, C&G, Computing, Procurement, Reimbursements, Facilities & EH&S.

Shaine Lutsky

Administrative Coordinator

4806 Ellison Hall
Primary administrative contact for the spatial center

Danica Marter

Purchasing, Travel & Student Programs Assistant

1837 Ellison Hall
Oversees the following items: miscellaneous reimbursements, travel reimbursements, purchasing, textbooks, newsletters, spatial minor advising, student workshops, social media.

Patty Murray

Undergraduate Advisor

1834 Ellison Hall
Serves as Undergraduate Advisor, working with students and faculty in areas of undergraduate education.

Pete Peterson

Scientific Programmer

4718 Ellison Hall
Pete Peterson is the CHIRPS curator with the CHC, of which he has been involved for ten years.

Consuelo Rivera

Financial Manager

1842 Ellison Hall
Responsible for financial administration for departmental, gift, and extramural awards; monthly reconciliation and statement production; interdepartmental and intercampus recharges; transfer of funds, subcontracts and PSA payments.

Lizzy Schattle

Communications Manager

4813 Ellison Hall
I manage communication and data collection for the Spatial Pattern Analysis and Research Lab