Please Note: UCSB will be transitioning to Concur, a new campus standard for expense reimbursement processing that will streamline travel, entertainment and business expense reimbursements. Individuals will be responsible for preparing and submitting requests for reimbursement through the new system beginning February 1, 2022

Miscellaneous Reimbursements

Expenditures incurred for supplies and services purchased in support of the University's mission. Whenever possible, one of UCSB's established and approved purchasing methods, either Gateway or the Flexcard, should be used in place of a miscellaneous reimbursement. Per policy you may not be reimbursed if the campus determines that the purchase was not critical or that you paid more than a contracted vendor would charge. Procurement Services is now reviewing reimbursement requests and may decline some or all expenses claimed.

All reimbursement requests are submitted by the requester via the Concur system.

Business Meeting & Entertainment Reimbursements

Expenditures for meals or light refreshments and related services incurred in connection with events that are primarily social or recreational activities in support of the University’s mission. Such activities must support an underlying University business purpose such as promoting goodwill, donor cultivation, etc.

Declaration of Missing Evidence

If you are unable to locate original receipts for your reimbursement, please complete a Declaration of Missing Evidence for each missing receipt and substantiate with an alternate proof of purchase.


Purchasing, Travel & Student Programs Assistant

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