Aerial Henley Gate. Credit: Tony Mastres
Credit: Tony Mastres

Interdisciplinary Themes

 Physical Geography

The physical and biological processes of the environment.

 Human Geography

The way humans perceive, interact with, and modify the environment.

 Geographical Techniques

Collection, analysis, and interpretation of geospatial data.

Geography Majors + Minors


UCSB Geography is internationally recognized as one of the best Departments of Geography in the world, and we have been ranked among the top doctoral programs in the U.S. by a variety of indices for the last 15 years. Geography’s highly trained and diverse faculty bring together aspects of International Development Studies, Urban and Regional Planning, Climatology, Terrestrial Sciences, Marine Sciences, Statistics and Operations Research, and Environmental Psychology. Active research areas include: global climate change; development studies; geographical analysis, GIS, and remote sensing; global climate change; natural hazards and risk; regional geography; spatial optimization, spatial perception and cognition; sustainability, resources, and conservation; transportation and planning; and urban studies. If this broad perspective appeals to you, then you’re a candidate for a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in GEOGRAPHY!

 Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Wellness

In alignment with the core mission of the University of California, the Geography Department at UC Santa Barbara aims to foster an academic climate that not only celebrates diversity but also actively dismantles institutional and systemic barriers to diversity. As a department, we are committed to reform on individual and institutional levels.

 Geography Announcements

General information for Geography majors, as well as career and internship opportunities.


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