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The Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Ocean Science is a more focused degree requiring coursework focused on oceanography and marine systems as well as climate and earth system science.

The Major

The Ocean Science major emphasis will give students a strong foundation in basic mathematics and physical sciences, a solid knowledge of basic physical oceanography and marine science, a strong connection to the domains of climate and Earth System Science, and expertise in advanced geographical data analysis that can be applied to problems in oceanography and marine science. This emphasis program will provide an intellectual foundation for students entering graduate school in Oceanography or Marine Science, as well as strong practical training for students seeking employment in environmental consulting, environmental data analysis, and government agency work. In addition, students in the Geography Department gain an understanding of human-environment interactions and geographical data analysis skills that give our graduates a unique intellectual perspective compared to those from more traditional Marine Science and Oceanography programs.

 Careers in Ocean Science

  • Climate Scientists
  • Environmental Data Analysts
  • Marine Scientists / Research Specialists
  • Oceanographers
  • Research Oceanographers