Degree Recipients

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Name Year Quarter Degree Dissertation / Thesis Chair Committee
Allen, Michael 2021 Spring PhD

Advancements in Monitoring Urban Heat and Vegetation Using Multi-Source Optical and Thermal Remote Sensing

McFadden Jones & Roberts
Arpagian, Jasmine (SDSU) 2021 Summer PhD

Squatting Historic Urban Landscapes: Analyzing Discourse and Lived Experiences of informal Housing in Bucharest

Aitken Cassels, Clarke, & Swanson
Ayasse, Alana 2021 Winter PhD Sensitivity Analysis for Mapping Methane with Airborne and Satellite Imaging Spectrometers Roberts King, Funk & Dennison
Baik, Jiwon 2021 Spring MA

A bi-objective facility location problem: Coverage and Access

Murray Dodge & Church
Goto, Erica 2021 Winter PhD An Analysis of Landslide Risk and Vulnerability in Distinct Realities: Low- Income Communities in Brazil and a Wealthy Community in the United States Clarke & Keller Loaiciga & Gray
Krell, Natasha T. 2021 Spring PhD

Impacts of climate variability, decision-making and digital information on agricultural outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa

Caylor Funk & Sweeney
Mai, Gengchen 2021 Summer PhD

Geographic Question Answering with Spatially-Explicit Machine Learning Models

Janowicz Goulias & Kuhn
Shi, Meilin 2021 Spring MA

A Socially Aware Huff Model for Destination Choice in Nature-based Tourism

Janowicz Clarke & Goulias
Silva, Germán 2021 Summer MA

The Influence of the Montecito Debris Flows on Landcover in Carpinteria Salt Marsh

King & Roberts McFadden
Uppal, Anagha 2021 Winter MA Development and Implementation of a Decision Support Tool for Large-Scale Renewable Energy Zone Allocation Janowicz Clarke & Deshmukh
Zigner, Katelyn 2021 Summer PhD

Extreme Winds in Association with Wildfire Spread and Risk in Coastal Santa Barbara, CA

Carvalho Jones & Roberts
Avery, Ryan 2020 Spring MA Convolutional Neural Network Based Approaches for Instance Segmentation of Irrigated Agriculture in Satellite Imagery Caylor McFadden & Roberts
Bae, Crystal 2020 Summer PhD Paired social wayfinding: Dyadic interaction in real-world navigation Montello Hegarty & Raymond
Crook, Steve 2020 Summer PhD Ecosystem Service Assessment and Mapping with Pacific Northwest National Forest Stakeholders Levine & Lopez-Carr Alagona & Swanson
Dai, Jie (SDSU) 2020 Summer PhD The Tale of Western Chitwan Community Forests: Historical Vegetation Dynamics and the Challenges with the Invasion of Mikania micrantha An Kyriakidis, Roberts & Stow
De Figueiredo Ribeiro, Fernanda 2020 Summer PhD Fine-Scale Analyses for Improving Conservation and Sustainability Efforts in Agricultural Landscapes of Neotropical Savannas Roberts & Davis Caylor & Hess
Feliciano, Matthew 2020 Fall MA Social Media and Crime Perception Clarke Dodge & Janowicz
Gamelin, Brandi 2020 Spring PhD Ozone Variability and Deep Convection in the UTLS Over South America Carvalho Ding & Jones
Hodges, Corbin 2020 Fall PhD Development, livelihoods and food security in Guatemala: Using primary and secondary data to better understand household well-being Sweeney Baylis, Cassels, Davenport & Milian
Lafia, Sara 2020 Summer PhD Designing for Serendipity: Research Data Curation in Topic Spaces Kuhn Caylor, Frew & Montello
Luo, Nana (SDSU) 2020 Fall PhD A Model-based Evaluation of the Impacts of Human Mobility and Prevention Behavior on Vector-borne Disease Transmissions: Implications for Disease Prevention and Control Nara Cassels, Goulias & Tsou
Miller, David 2020 Fall PhD Remote Sensing of Urban Vegetation during Drought in Southern California McFadden Roberts & Tague
Phillips, Daniel 2020 Fall PhD The Nature and Scale of Cognitive Communities of Interest Montello Kuhn & Stoll
Regalia, Blake 2020 Spring PhD Computational Time and Space Tradeoffs in Geo Knowledge Graphs Janowicz Clarke & Kuhn
Romich, Trevor 2020 Winter MA Photodegradation Stimulates Microbial Activity Through Enhanced Water Solubility of Grass Litter Carbon King Chadwick & Oono