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Name Year Quarter Degree Dissertation / Thesis Chair Committee
Burtner, Susan 2023 Winter PhD

Network and computational approaches for measuring human interaction

Murray Cassels, Dodge, & Nall
Asoni, Ettore (SDSU) 2022 Summer PhD

Territory, Personhood, and Immigration Law: Legal Geographies of Immigration and Border Control

Swanson Aitken, Sweeney, & Hajjar
Cai, Ling 2022 Fall PhD

Time Representation and Reasoning over Knowledge Graphs

Janowicz Caylor & Goulias
Coello, Merissa 2022 Summer MA

Mountain Wave Behavior in V-shaped Valleys and the Intensification of Sundowner Downslope Winds

Carvalho Ding & Jones
Jin, Chanwoo (SDSU) 2022 Fall PhD

Understanding Human Mobility and Urban Dynamics with Big Geospatial Data Analytics

Nara Murray, Tsou, & Church
Johnson, Mike 2022 Summer PhD

The Role of Spatial Data Science in Continental Scale Hydrology: Twelve Case Studies in Data Models, Data Structures, Modeling, and Model Evaluation

Clarke Caylor, Loaiciga, & Blodgett
Kennedy, Elizabeth (SDSU) 2022 Fall PhD

El Salvador in Motion: Socioeconomic Causes of Child Migration

Weeks Alves, Jankowski, & Sweeney
Liu, Zilong 2022 Winter MA

Geoparsing: Solved or Biased? An Evaluation of Geographic Biases in Geoparsing

Janowicz Caylor & Goulias
Loerch, Andy (SDSU) 2022 Summer PhD

image acquisition and analysis, artificial intelligence, and timeliness assessment Improving disaster response with aerial imagery through UAS-based

Stow & Siegel Nara & Frew
McBride, Elizabeth 2022 Winter PhD

A Theory-Based Approach to Travel Behavior Analysis Using Pattern Recognition and Latent Group Identification Techniques

Goulias Montello & Nylund-Gibson
Montini, Tessa 2022 Winter PhD

The Dynamics and Variability of the South American Low-Level Jet

Jones Carvalho & Ding
Nash, Deanna 2022 Summer PhD

Dynamics of Atmospheric Rivers in High Mountain Asia: Influences on Precipitation, Lightning and Landslides

Carvalho Ding & Jones
Stiefel, Maximilian 2022 Winter PhD

Three Essays on Climate Risk

Sweeney Cassels & Pulver
Van Den Abbeele, Sigrid 2022 Fall MA

Assessing the Impact of Residential Segregation and Population Composition on the County-Level Supply of Federally Qualified Health Centers

Cassels Ackert & Baylis
Wan, Zijian 2022 Spring MA

Explicit and implicit movement similarity and their applications in movement analysis

Dodge Singh & Goulias
Williams, Emily 2022 Summer PhD

Interrogating the 'science of climate accountability': Allocating responsibility for climate impacts within a frame of climate justice

Lopez-Carr Carvalho, Funk, & Pulver
Xiao, Jingyi 2022 Spring PhD

Identify Potential Autonomous Vehicle Adopters and Their Activity-Travel Patterns

Goulias Janowicz, Collins, & Ravulaparthy
Allen, Michael 2021 Spring PhD

Advancements in Monitoring Urban Heat and Vegetation Using Multi-Source Optical and Thermal Remote Sensing

McFadden Jones & Roberts
Arpagian, Jasmine (SDSU) 2021 Summer PhD

Squatting Historic Urban Landscapes: Analyzing Discourse and Lived Experiences of informal Housing in Bucharest

Aitken Cassels, Clarke, & Swanson
Ayasse, Alana 2021 Winter PhD Sensitivity Analysis for Mapping Methane with Airborne and Satellite Imaging Spectrometers Roberts King, Funk & Dennison
Baik, Jiwon 2021 Spring MA

A bi-objective facility location problem: Coverage and Access

Murray Dodge & Church
Goto, Erica 2021 Winter PhD An Analysis of Landslide Risk and Vulnerability in Distinct Realities: Low- Income Communities in Brazil and a Wealthy Community in the United States Clarke & Keller Loaiciga & Gray
Kirkby, Jeff 2021 Fall PhD

Regions of Personality and Attitudes at the Sub-County Level: An Investigation of Santa Barbara County, California

Montello Alagona & Smith
Krell, Natasha T. 2021 Spring PhD

Impacts of climate variability, decision-making and digital information on agricultural outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa

Caylor Funk & Sweeney
Mai, Gengchen 2021 Summer PhD

Geographic Question Answering with Spatially-Explicit Machine Learning Models

Janowicz Goulias & Kuhn