Waldo Tobler, Department of Geography, UC Santa Barbara

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Spatial Autocorrelation and the Archaeologist

Riddle of Cappadocian tablets: Bronze Age Trade - Statistical evidence for sites of ancient towns


Analytical Cartography

The Development of Analytical Cartography: A Personal Note

History of Cartography As Taught at UCSB

Introductory Comments on Information Theory and Cartography

A Transformational View of Cartography

The Geometry of Mental Maps

Experiments In Migration Mapping By Computer

The Scale Problem For Old Maps

Spherical Measures without Spherical Trigonometry

A Graphical Introduction to Survey Adjustment


The Hyperelliptical and Other New Pseudo Cylindrical Equal Area Map Projections

Local Map Projections

Medieval Distortions: The Projections of Ancient Maps

Numerical Approaches to Map Projections

Polycylindric Map Projections

Qibla, and Related, Map Projections

A Quadtree For Global Information Storage

Oblique Map Projections Using Rotation Matrices

Measuring the Similarity of Map Projections


Thirty Five Years of Computer Cartograms

What is an Area Cartogram?

Cartograms and Cartosplines

A Continuous Transformation Useful for Districting

Geographic Area and Map Projections

Interactive Construction of Contiguous Cartograms


Map Transformations of Geographic Space

Geographical Analysis

Non-Isotropic Geographic Modeling

Bidimensional Regression

Cellular Geography

A Computer Movie Simulating Urban Growth in the Detroit Region

An Analysis of a Digitized Surface

The Equidominance Line: A New Geopolitical Concept

Frame Independent Spatial Analysis

Geographical Filters and their lnverses

GIS Transformations

Demography in Global Change Studies

Global Spatial Analysis

Linear Operators Applied to Areal Data

The Long-Latency Illness Problem

Of Maps and Matrices

Smooth Multidimensional Interpolation

Problems and Prospects in Geographical Photointerpretation

Smooth Pycnophylactic Interpolation for Geographical Regions

Regional Analysis: Time Series Extended to Two Dimensions

Resolution, Resampling, and All That

Satellite Confirmation of Settlement Size Coefficients

Settlement Size and Population

Uniform Distribution of Objects in a Homogeneous Field: Cities on a Plain

Spectral Analysis of Spatial Series

Preliminary Representation of World Population by Spherical Harmonics

Lattice Tuning

The Spectrum of US 40


Derivation of a Spatially Continuous Transportation Model

Depicting Federal Fiscal Transfers

The Quadratic Transportation Problem as a Model of Spatial Interaction Patterns

Spatial Interaction Patterns

The Geographic Movement of Wealth in the United States

Visual Evidence for Urban Potential Fields


Migration: Ravenstein, Thorntwaite, And Beyond

Movement Modelling on the Sphere

Using 'S' To Analyze Migration Tables

Movement Modeling

Push Pull Migration Laws

A Model of Geographical Movement

Migration Fields

A Geographical Migration Probability Density Function

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