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Mr. Diego Varga Linde

Mr. Diego is currently a PhD student from the Universitat de Girona ( Institut de Medi Ambient Laboratori d'Anàlisi i Gestió del Paisatge). Mr. Varga is working on the problem of protecting endangered birds of the Pyrenees. Reduced human activity in this region has created two major risks for certain bird species: namely, larger and more severe fires, and fewer open grazing areas. Both trends have impacted bird populations. His research aims at developing a reserve design model and applying it to the Pyreenes in order to increase healthy populations of birds that are at risk. Mr. Varga visited GSAL during the Fall of 2006. Mr. Varga can be reached at: Diego Varga


Dr. Ross Gerrard

Ross Gerrard has served as a Post Doctoral Scholar and an Assistant Research Professor in GSAL. He is currently a GIS analyst with the US Forest Service in Davis, California. Dr. Gerrard has considerable experience in modeling habitat suitability, biological reserve design, and discrete location/site selection models. Dr. Gerrard can be reached at:
 Ross Gerrard


Dr. Wen Zeng

Dr. Wen Zeng was a visitor to GSAL from October, 2005 through September, 2006. Dr. Zeng was a visting Professor from the China University of Geosciences. Dr. Zeng is an expert in Geographic Information Systems and their application to urban problems. Most recently, Dr. Zeng has worked on specialized alogorithms to solve network models like the shortest path problem on large-scale GIS databases. He can be reached at: ZengWen


Dr. James Marston

Dr. Marston was a Regents Postdoctoral Fellow of The University Of California during the years of 2004 and 2005. During his Postdoc, he worked in both GSAL and ISBER. Dr. Marston received his PhD in Geography with an interest in modeling access for those who have some type of disability. Dr. Marston has considerable expertise in modeling access issues for those who are visually impaired and for those who use wheelchairs. One of his recent publications in Geographical Analysis involves measuring access for those with a disability. Jim can be reached at:  Jim Marston


Dr. Juan Carlos Duque Cardona

Dr. Duque was a pre and post-doctoral scholar at GSAL in 2004. Dr. Duque is an expert on Spatial Statistics and Economics. His doctoral work involved the development of an optimization model that attempts to divide an area into a set of contiguous regions, which are as homogeneous as possible. The objective is to groups spatial units into larger contiguous areas in such a manner that members of a given group or region are as similar as possible. Dr. Duque has developed several novel methods to solve this problem. He can be reached at: Juan Carlos Duque


Dr. Paola Scaparra

Dr. Scaparra came to GSAL as a Post-Doctoral reasercher on the NCRST project. Dr. Scaparra came to UCSB after she received her PhD from the University of Pisa. Dr. Scaparra is an expert in Management Science and Computer Science. While at UCSB, she worked on several problems including the location of transportation corridors and the design of networks for infrastructure expansion. Dr. Scaparra has considerable expertise in modeling discrete optimization problems, like single source warehouse location, bi-level optimization, and resilient design. Dr. Scaparra has recently published in modeling disruption of supply chains, optimally protecting service systems, and modeling reliability envelopes for service systems subject to failure. She can be reached at: Paola_Scaparra


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