Richard L. Church

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  Articles in review, in press, or recently published (for a complete list, download vita)


Optimum Location of Motorway Interchanges: Concessionaires’ Perspective, with Antonio Antunes and Hugo Repolho, ASCE: Journal of Transportation Engineering, Vol 137, 2011.


Designing robust coverage networks to hedge against worst-case facility losses, with Jesse O'Hanley, European Journal of Operational Research, 209, 2011; 23-36.   


The p-regions problem, with Juan Carlos Duque and Richard Middleton, Geographical Analysis, 43, 2011, 104-128.


Restoring forest landscapes for biodiversity conservation and rural livelihoods: a spatial optimization model, Environmental Modeling & Software, 26, 2011, 1622-1638.  


The stochastic interdiction median problem with disruption levels, with Chaya Losada, Paola Scaparra, and Markk Daskin, Annals of Operations Research, 2012.


Aggregation in continuous space coverage modeling, with Daoqin Tong, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 26, 2012, 795-816.


Protecting supply system to mitigate potential disaster: a model to fortify capacitated facilities, with M. Paola Scaparra, International Regional Science Review, 35, 2012; 188-210.   


Optimal Location of Railway Stations: The Lisbon-Porto High Speed Rail Line, with H. Repolho and A. Antunes, to appear in Transportation Science for review


How to Identify and Map Habitat Cores, to appear in : Conservation Planning from the bottom up: a practical guide to tools and techniques for the twenty-first century, edited by Charles Convis and Lance Craighead (to be published by ESRI press).   


Vector Assignment Ordered Median Problem: a unified median problem, with Ting Lei, to appear in International Regional Science Review.