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View from the upper Baspa Valley towards the east (NW Himalaya, India)

Earth Surface Processes

This is my third year at UCSB and I'm thrilled to initiate a new geomorphology program within the Geography Department. I'm applying a combination of remote sensing, field, laboratory, and numerical methods to understand and quantify climatic and geomorphic processes. More specifically, I rely on optical, active and passive radar satellite imagery to quantify climatic parameters (precipitation, snowcover) and I identify their variability through time. In the field, I identify geomorphic processes and determine some of their rates in the laboratory through cosmogenic nuclide (10Be, 21Ne, 26Al, 36Cl) measurements. Furthermore, I rely on a terrestrial laser scanner to produce cm-scale digital elevation models (DEMs) and perfrom change-detection methods.

I am currently looking for graduate students - please email if you are interested in working with me.

New: I have completed processing a nearly global, 12-year TRMM 2B31 rainfall timeseries. The data are available for download in several formats (NetCDF, GeoTIFF, Google Earth). Access data

New: During the past few weeks (January and February 2010), I have given several interviews about the impact of climate change on the physical environment in the Himalaya. Two of these interviews appeared as condensed articles in the New York Times, Foreign Policy, and other publications. I have written a general introduction and explanation to the subject.

New: View an airborne LiDAR DEM of the Mission / Rattle Snake Canyon areas: KML.

New: Check out the new manual (PDF) for Cosmogenic RadioNuclide (CRN) sample processing at the UCSB CRN Target Preparation Facility.

New: See some terrestrial LiDAR hillshade views of 20 to 25cm DEMs from Southern California in Google Earth: Sedgwick Reserve, Santa Cruz Island (Pozo Catchment), and Parma Park (area burned during the 2008 Tea Fire).

New: See the newly established UCSB Cosmogenic RadioNuclide (CRN) Target Preparation Facility including a rate list.

New: Check out downloadable TRMM data for the Himalaya in Google Earth format.