Oliver A. Chadwick

Dr. Chadwick is a joint professor in the Geography Department and Environmental Studies Program at UCSB. His work for the Department of Geography is in the areas of soil sciences, soil genesis and classification, advanced pedology, and soil geomorphology. Dr. Chadwick's research interests include pedology, soil geomorphology, soil geochemistry, quaternary geology, organic and mineral fluxes during soil, atmoshpere, water and vegetation interaction.

Dr. Chadwick has established himself as a leader in soil science, and is one of the world leaders in relating soils to ecology and earth system science. He has become of the core members of a small but growing and extremely high quality group in ecosystem studies at UCSB. His recently published paper in Nature, and international journal of science, focuses on his ten year research that utilizes Hawaii as a model ecosytem to understand changes in the sources of nutrients to rainforests.