Systems Administrator (SYS ADM 3)

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Primary Consideration Date 1/29/21

In order to achieve the missions of the Department of Geography and the Earth Research Institute (ERI), both highly computational units in nature with 300-500 machines (Unix, Macs, Windows),and over 5 Pb of disk storage, serving over eighty research groups (as of 2020), this position requires that the incumbent utilize innovative and robust solutions on computational issues in order to effectively facilitate research, foster collaboration among research groups, and assist in the technical training of researchers and students.

Under the direction of the Director of Computing for Geography and ERI, and along with another Systems Administrator 3 as appropriate, is responsible for the computer and network facilities and resources in Geography and ERI. Defines, designs, and implements software and hardware, system upgrades, computer and network security, maintenance and repairs, network expansion. Manages system accounting, and application software configuration.

Responsible for network services critical to operations including: web services, remote access, license servers, virtual infrastructure, data storage and file sharing services. Responsible for defining, designing and implementing databases and websites relating to ERI, Geography, and a multitude of associated groups and centers. Defines, designs and implements highly complex software and scripts to support systems management, log analysis and other system administration duties for multiple, highly integrated systems. Performs complex analysis to acquire, install, modify and support operating systems, databases, utilities and web-related tools. Selects methods and techniques to obtain solutions. Collaborates with research personnel to help define and design solutions to research problems through utilization of dept. computing and network resources or designing solutions for their specific research team.

Contingent upon availability, and on a recharge basis, assists with instrumentation, scientific workflow and resource management to assist researchers in deployment planning and analysis of data collected during equipment deployments. Responsible for writing and executing complex scripts; specifying, installing, and maintaining several software systems used for processing collected or generated data and assisting researchers in using same.

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