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    One hundred forty or so PUBLICATIONS by Waldo R. Tobler


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    1994 – Retirement date


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    From 1999 on most materials have gone into power point presentations, some of which see at:

    http://www.geog.ucsb.edu/~tobler/Presentations More complete on CD

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    2005, “Estimating Potentials from Asymmetry”, SolsticeA refereed Electronic Journal of Geography and Mathematics, XVI, 2 (Winter); http://www.imagenet.org; PDF version of a presentation at the International Network Conference, Redondo Beach, Sunbelt XXV.

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    Analysis, 42:78-98.

    2012 "Preface" to F. J. Harvey, ed, ToblerLecture Event 2012, "Are there fundamental principals in geographic information science?", Http://gisciconcepts.org


    Visualizing the Impact of Transportation on Spatial Relations”, WRSA

    "A Blended projection is a splendid projection"

    "Dürer Transforms"

    Unpublished papers, reports:

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    1. Heights from Hiking Times”, Mss


    Recent invited Presentations (partial list)

    1987 "Map Projections in a GIS Context", US Geological Survey, Denver, June

    1987 "GIS Theory and Technology", US Geological Survey, Denver, June

    1987 "Migration Mapping", University of Colorado, Boulder, June.

    1987 AAG Conference Panel on Geographic Information Systems, Portland OR, April

    1988 "Maps and Exploration", Nat. Geog. Awareness ; Adams Elementary School (5th grade), Santa Barbara,

    1989 Something similar, Sept (Hope Ranch School)

    1988 "Distorted Maps", California Mapping Conference, San Jose, October 5

    1988 "Measuring Distortion in Maps: Mathematical Approaches", NASA Ames Research Center, CA, March 1988 "Survey Adjustment" Geography Department, UCLA, 18 April

    1989 "Recent Research on Portolan Charts", Geography Colloquium, Sept 28

    1990 "Cellular Geography", Geography Colloquium, 18 Oct

    1991 "Spatial Data in Digital Form", Western Assn Map Libraries, Annual Meeting, Santa Barbara, 20 March

    1993 "Global Demography"; University of Colorado, Spring; George Mason University, Fall, Univ. Michigan,

    1994 "Global Demography" Center for International Earth Science Information Network, Saginaw, Fall.

    1994 "Migration: Ravenstein, Thornthwaite and Beyond", AAG San Francisco, April.

    1994 "30+ Years of Research in Geography", Geography Colloquium, May.

    1995 "Global Demography" Marschak Colloquium, Department of Economics, UCLA

    1997 “Visualizing the Impact of Transportation on Spatial Relations, WRSA talk, Hawaii.

    1999 "Unusual Map Projections", AAG conference, Hawaii, March 1999

    1999 ”The World is Shriveling as it Shrinks”, ESRI International Users Conference, San Diego, July.

    1999 "Experiments in Modeling Global Trade, York, UK, April

    2000 "Exploring Geography Cartographically, Paris, France, April

    2000 "The Care and Feeding of vector Fields, London, UK, April

    2000 "Map Projections, University of Oregon, May

    2000 "Qibla Maps, Santa Barbara, November

    1. "Qibla Map Projections, CA Map Society, USC, January

    2001 "Map Making for Social Scientists, Am. Sociological Soc., Anaheim, August

    2001 "The Shriveling World, Texas A & M University, College Station, October

    2004 "A Flow Talk, US Bureau of the Census, Washington D.C.

    2005 "Estimating Potential from Asymmetry, Sunbelt XXV, Redondo Beach, CA

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    2007 "Movement Talk, University of Redlands, CA

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