Urban Change - Integrated Modeling Environment

is a NSF-funded project with the University of California at Santa Barbara, the United States Geological Survey and the Los Alamos National Laboratory to develop an integrated modeling environment (IME) for the cross-disciplinary study of a wide range of questions pertaining to urban change. The project objectives are:

  1. To develop a conceptual and technical infrastructure for modeling the changing morphology of contemporary US urban areas, at different scales, as a function of key social and physical processes and constraints (IME-1), as well as more general aspects of urban system dynamics for which urban morphology serves as a key input (IME-2).
  2. To demonstrate and test the validity of the approach at the IME-1 level through modeling and analyzing the growth patterns of selected metropolitan regions.
  3. To demonstrate and test the validity of the approach at the IME-2 level with a study seeking to predict land use intensity and population distribution through coupling of several different models of physical and human processes, including a model of urban morphology. 4. To implement and disseminate an integrated GIS-based modeling environment (IME-1 & 2) as outlined above for the investigation of a variety of research and policy questions pertaining to urban structure and change.

Project Team:

Keith C. Clarke (Co-Pi)(UCSB) Helen M. Couclelis (Co-Pi)(UCSB)
Noah Goldstein (UCSB) Matt Ungerer (UCSB)
Jeannette Candau(USGS and UCSB) Melissa Kelly (UCSB)
Timothy H. Robinson (UCSB) Jeff Onsted (UCSB)
Xiaohang Liu (UCSB) William Acevedo (USGS)
Steen Rasmussen (LANL)

Peter A. Burrough (University of Utrecht, NL)

Arthur Getis (San Diego State University) Elisabete Alves Da Silva (NCGIA, U. Mass)
Paul Sutton (Denver University) Martin Herold (UCSB)
Wei Ning Xiang (U. of North Carolina at Charlotte)  


Direct and Supporting UCIME Publications

Santa Fe Launch Meeting notes

Dissemination Plan

Seminar (UCSB) - Urban Growth Modeling (Winter, 2000)

Seminar (UCSB) - Land-Use Change Modeling (Winter, 2001)

3D images for the Santa Barbara area - scenarios: Goleta 1997, Goleta 2050 unrestricted growth, Santa Barbara with growth boundaries, and Santa Barbara unrestricted growth 2050

UCIME Team Member Accomplishments:

NSF Annual Reports:

First Year
Second Year
Third Year - Final

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Presentation and Workshop on The Modular Modeling System by Dr. George Leavesley.
USGS (Denver). Sponsored by the NCGIA and the UCIME project team. (pdf file of presentation)

UCIME Research and Review Meeting - March, 2000 at UCSB:

Minutes and Participant List

UCIME group meeting minutes:

January 20, 2000 March 9, 2001
February 17, 2000 April 13, 2001
May, 11, 2000 May 25, 2001
October 6, 2000 July 19, 2001
November 3, 2000 October 22, 2001
December 1, 2000 December 4, 2001
January 12, 2001 January 18, 2002
February 16, 2001 February 22, 2002


Support for this project is from the National Science Foundation :

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