UCSB Spring Quarter 2005 Geography 128

China terraces

Analytical and Computer Cartography

Instructor: Keith C. Clarke

Office: 3626A Ellison Hall

Phone: 893-7961

Email to: kclarke@geog.ucsb.edu

Office Hours: Tuesday 8:00-9:30am.

Lecture: Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-10:45 am in Ellison Hall Room 3621

WWW Page: http://www.geog.ucsb.edu/~kclarke/g128.outline.html

Text: None as yet. I'll be assembling a CD, and will distribute it in week one or two.

When What Reading
March 29th
What is Analytical Cartography?  Moellering 2000/Tobler 1959/Tobler 1976
March 31st
Map projections [Sarah Battersby Guest Lecture]
Map Projections web sites
April 5th A Transformational View of Cartography Tobler 1979
April 7th Geocoding, Map Data Capture Clarke Chapter 2, 4
April 12th Data Storage and Representation. Access and Standards
Clarke Chapter 5, 6
April 14 Mobile GIS: tablets, PDAs and wearable computers [Guest lectures: Pingel, Dillemuth]
Clarke et al. 2003; Pingel 2005; Dillemuth 2005
April 19th Spatial Data Structures for Computer Cartography: Maps and Attributes
Chapter 7, 8, 9
April 21st Terrain and SRTM [Guest lecture: Jorge Sifuentes]

April 26th
The Spatial Data Infrastructure: Digital Earth and the National Map

April 28th
Mid-term Examination Review
May 3rd Algorithms, Conflation, Mosaicing, Error Chapter 10/Tobler 1979
May 5th Map Transformations I Chapter 11
May 10th Map Transformations II Chapter 11/Saalfeld
May 12th Data Structure Transformations Chapter 12
May 17th Terrain Analysis and Visualization
Chapter 13/Krajewski
May 19th Visualization and Animation: [Guest lecture Kirk Goldsberry]
Slocum Website
May 24th GPS: Positioning systems and cartography
Chapter 14
May 26th Terrain Analysis: Surface derivatives and analysis

May 31st
Programming and the User Interface Chapters 15, 16
June 2nd Conclusion, Summary and Review Clarke, 1998
TBA Final Examination  All since Mid-Term

Laboratory Sections: Lab 1: Tuesday 11:00-12:50. Lab 2 Thursday 1:00-2:50pm

Labs will meet in 3620 Ellison Hall, the Descartes Lab. Reading will be discussed in lecture and used to illustrate issues and concepts. Students should read all papers, and expect a few of the examination questions to relate to the concepts they cover.

Laboratory Assignments

Weeks 1-2: Map projections with MicroCAM (Word Doc file)
Weeks 3-4: GPS tracks and icochrones. ArcView (Word Doc file)
Weeks 5-6: Contour conversion, TIN and DEM
Weeks 7-8: Terrain Visualization and LOS: MicroDEM
    Animation sample
Weeks 9-10: Project. Any software

Assignment of Grades

Grades will be assigned on the basis of the following weighting.
  1. Mid-Term examination. 40 questions multiple choice 25%.
  2. Final Examination. 30 questions, worked examples and definitions. 25%.
  3. Labs: Combined total of 50% of the class grade.


Readings will be assigned weekly, to follow the lecture topics through the quarter. th eclass text: Keith C. Clarke's Analytical and Computer Cartography (either edition) can be purchased cheap on Amazon, but will be made available through RBR and as PDF files by chapter. Other articles are linked to the
web site, or will be contained on the class CD.

Teaching Assistant for the Class is:
Ting Lei
e-mail to: tinglei@geog.ucsb.edu
Ting Lei's Office Hours are: Monday 11-12:00 and Tuesday 1-2:00 in the Descartes Lab.

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