Graphic above shows the digitized 1869 Coastal Survey Map. 
Note the hatcher lines to the left, digitizing contours through these hatchered areas caused an steepining effect in the resulting surface.  Also note the coordinate transformation; the contours were originally plotted using a rectangular datum, the dark crosses near the intersections were used for transformation to NAD27.
Graphic below shows the 1869 suface with hillshading and the earliest aerial photograph of La Conchita taken by the Coastal Survey in 1927.  Note that the road that traverses the cliff face is not in the 1869 map, nor are the roads.  Also note that in the center of La Conchita raunch there is a conspicuous hill that is visible in the 1869 contour map but appears flat in the 1929 photo.
Thick to Enlarge 1929 Aerial Photograph draped over the 1869 surfaceThick to Enlarge 1929 Aerial Photograph of La Conchita

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