Geography 151 - Introduction to GIS (62145, Fall 2008, 8/26 - 12/13)
College of the Canyons - CCC Campus [ COC Academic Calendar ]

Instructor: Jeff Hemphill, email:, (805) 252-9333
Lecture: T Th CCC-305 6-9:50
Book: Price 2008, Mastering ArcGIS 3rd Edition. McGraw-Hill. [ TOC 9.4 Mb ]
T 8/26 Introduction / Overview [ Summary ]
  Assignment: Email Me
Th 8/28 Maps, GIS, Software ... and Your Brain [ Summary ]
  Lecture 1 - Maps and GIS, History in Brief
  Movie: Incredible Human Body (National Geographic)
  Map of London (large file, high res.), BCC Article - The Knowledge
  Reading: Mapping London 1898 - 2000
  Assignment: Mental Map
T 9/2 Computing History in Brief [ Summary ], Geographic Referencing I [ Summary ]
  Lecture 2 - Hardware and Computing, Coordinate Systems & Projections I
  Movie: Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude (PBS)
  Simple GIS - free GIS Data and free GIS software, QGIS ]

Lab 0: QGIS

  Reading: Muehrcke et al. 2001. Map Use: Reading, Analysis, Interp. Ch 1
  Assignment: Unit Conversions Scale Calculations (examples)
Th 9/4 Geographic Referencing II - Map Projections Revisited
  Lecture 3 - Coordinate Systems & Map Projections II [ Summary ]
  Lab 0: QGIS (cont.)
  Lab Assignment: QGIS Questions
  Movie: Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude (PBS)
  Assignment: Bill Bryson 2003 - The Size of the Earth
T 9/9 Representation of Information
  Lecture 4 - Map Projections III
  Reading: Hudson, J. 1992. Scale in Space and Time
  Lab 0: QGIS (cont.)
  Lab 2 ArcGIS - Map Projections & Coordinates
Th 9/11 Lab 2 ArcGIS - Map Projections & Coordinates (cont.)
T 9/16 Representation of Spatial Information
  Lab 2 ArcGIS - Map Projections & Coordinates (cont.)
Th 9/18 Lab 3 ArcGIS - Proportional Symbols
T 9/23 Cartographic Visualization
  Lab 3 ArcGIS - Proportional Symbols (cont.)
Th 9/25 Cartographic Visualization
  Lab 4 ArcGIS - Choropleth Maps
T 9/30 Lab 4 ArcGIS - Choropleth Maps (cont.)
Th 10/2 Lab 4 ArcGIS - Choropleth Maps (cont.)
  Lecture 5 - Projections for the World [ Summary ]
T 10/7 Mastering ArcGIS Introduction, Ch1 [ TOC 9.4 Mb ]
  What is GIS (ArcGIS), What is a GIS Project?, ArcCatalog
  Lecture 6 - Scale and Map Symbolization, Scale and Representation
Th 10/9 Mastering ArcGIS Ch2
  ArcMap; Layout View vs. Map View Toolbars
  [ ArcGIS9 Desktop Shortcuts PDF ]
  Lecture 7 - GIS, Spatial Operations
T 10/14 Mastering ArcGIS Ch3
  Coordinate Systems and Map Projections, Projection on the Fly
  Lab 2.2 - Distorting the World
Th 10/16 Mastering ArcGIS Ch4
  Maps Types, Symbolization, Layers, Map Templates / TemplateData
T 10/21 Mastering ArcGIS Ch5
  Flatfiles and Attribute Tables [ Field Calculator PDF]
T 10/23 Mastering ArcGIS Ch6-7
  Attribute Queries, Selecting Features, Joins and Relates
T 10/28 Mastering ArcGIS Ch8
  Overlay, Spatial Operations / Analysis
Th 10/30 NO CLASS
T 11/4 Mastering ArcGIS Ch9-10
  Cartography, Geocoding
Th 11/6 Mastering ArcGIS Ch11-12
  Editing Vector Data with ArcMap
T 11/11 NO CLASS
Th 11/13 Mastering ArcGIS Ch13
  Geodatabase, Networks
T 11/18 Mastering ArcGIS Ch14
Th 11/20 Mastering ArcGIS Ch15
  Raster based analysis, Spatial Analyst
  Lab 5.1 - Global Solar Power Suitability (TOA)
  Lab 5.2 - Global Solar Power Suitability (Cloudiness)
T 11/25 Spatial Analyst
  Lab 5.3 - Global Topography & Population Density
Th 11/27 NO CLASS (Thanksgiving)
T 12/2 Lab 5.4 - Map Algebra [ Raster Calculator, Syntax ]
  Project Topic / Proposals Due
Th 12/4 Final Projects
T 12/9 Final Projects
Th 12/11 LAST DAY, Final Projects Due

Student Learning Objectives

  1. Understand map projections, coordinate systems, cartographic representation, map scale and the link between scale and resolution.
  2. Learn GIS data formats and types with ArcCatalog, learn to create spatial data from non-spatial data (tables) using ArcMap
  3. Compile GIS data layers, learn to create ArcMap map layouts using basic cartographic concepts.
  4. Learn to create generate multi-frame maps using ArcMap, and to manage, edit and manipulate map elements.
  5. Learn how to create and manage a GIS project directory; file management, organization / folder-file structure, metadata / documentation.
  6. Investigate in detail the different components of ArcGIS (ArcCatalog, ArcMap, and ArcToolbox), and Spatial Analysis with Price 2008, Mastering ArcGIS.

Maps Online,,


Google Earth (Keyhole)

Google Satellite Maps (Landmarks) (The Geography of Google News!)

Get mapping (April 7, 2005) - The Guardian (

From the article:

"This five-year boom of digital cartography means more than big business. Maps also shape our view of the world. The art of mapmaking predates the written word by several millennia and provided humankind with the first opportunity to read and write. When our maps change, our world view changes.

About the time of the French Revolution, the science of cartography became a responsibility of government and a duty of the military (hence Ordnance Survey). But the compass has revolved 360 degrees, and a combination of the internet, cheap computers and even cheaper GPS units promises to turn ordinary citizens into mapmakers once more.

It is tempting to call it the march of amateur mapmakers: armed with cheap satellite-tracking handsets, teams of civilian surveyors are out in the field recording casual journeys and sharing geodata with each other to produce their own maps. Their aim is to build a set of people's maps: charted and owned by those who create them, which are as free to share as the open road.

Soda vs. Pop

World Mapper (Cartograms)

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