WWI Aerial Photography

World War I involved a lot of territory and a quickly changing battle, the lack of information and the element of surprise contributed to some German successes early in the war. The allies quickly took advantage of aerial reconnaissance and learned how to accurately map and monitor troop movements. The value of information from aerial reconnaissance became of vital importance, and being able to stop your enemy's aerial capabilities was paramount to success and thus the aerial 'dog fight' was born. The use of aerial reconnaissance in WWI changed the nature of war forever.

There were several aircraft used for aerial reconnaissance throughout the war. First made of wood and then metal, the aircraft was the focus of intense development. At the same time camera systems and techniques for measuring and identifying features on the ground were being developed. These interpretation and measurement techniques, and the men and women who practiced them during war time, continued after the war and applied them to other areas such as forestry and agriculture.

Reconnaissance Graflex camera

WWI Annotated Photo of France - Click to Enlarge

Annotated photo of military locations in France during WW I, 1918.


WWI Aerial Photographers - Click to Enlarge

BE 2c Reconnaissance Aircraft

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