The Nimbus satellites were meteorological research satellites designed to test atmospheric remote sensing systems. This series of satellites, perhaps more than any other, had a profound impact on the American public. With it, synoptic views of the Earth could be acquired which clearly showed weather patterns and pronounced geologic and vegetation patterns. The public, as well as scientists and resource managers, immediately grasped the utility of space based remote sensing.

Seven Nimbus spacecraft have been launched into near-polar, sun-synchronous orbits beginning with Nimbus 1 on August 28, 1964.

Launch Dates
Nimbus 1 1964-08-28
Nimbus 2 1966-05-15
Nimbus 3 1969-04-14
Nimbus 4 1970-04-08
Nimbus 5 1972-12-11
Nimbus 6 1975-06-12
Nimbus 7 1978-10-24
Nimbus - Click to Enlarge
Nimbus Satellite Diagram
  Nimbus Weather Map - Click to Enlarge
Nimbus 1 Weather Map (Sept. 1964)

Nimbus 2 - Classified Image (HRIR Sensor)
Desert South West, Colorado River

Nimbus 3 Image of Australia (1969)

Nimbus 2 Filtered Image, August 1966

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