Hard at work in Santa Barbara's Mission Creek (Santa Barbara, California), testing water quality


      In 2015 I am working on groundwater and earthquakes hazards, stormwater management in urban 
      areas, watershed management and other hydrology and water resources problems through multiple
I have several other interesting projects underway.
land subsidence; water/energy sustainable development.
      The Fall Quarter 2015 I will teach a great course on Environmental Hydrology, and a graduate course
       on Water Resources Management. See the syllabi below.  

     News and updates are Here


                   Syllabi for the following classes:

                           Environmental Hydrology (Geog. 112)
                           Ground-water Hydrology  (Geog. 116)
                           Water Quality and Pollution Control Geog. 162AL
                           Water Resources Systems Management (Geog. 208)  : taught in the Fall of
                                 odd-numbered years
                           Advanced Hydrologic Modeling (Geog. 246)  : taught in the Fall of
                                  even-numbered years  

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            Contact: Hugo@geog.ucsb.edu