Information for Prospective Students:


I am excited to support undergraduate research in my lab. Undergraduates both facilitate ongoing research and can design their own experiments within the lab's framework for Geography course credit. Please contact me to talk about attending our lab meetings and beginning research.

Graduate students

I am excited to support research at the interface of biology, chemistry, and physics set in a geographical context. I like projects that combine aspects of measurement and modeling, and I use stable isotopic tracers in almost all of my research. You can find more information on my group’s projects on the research page. 

Please contact me if you are interested in joining my lab. 
The UCSB Geography Department discusses the Geography graduate program and how to apply. This program is particularly strong in GIS, remote sensing, and environmental modeling. Please see the Terrestrial Ecology and Plant Ecosystem Ecology site for an introduction to plant and ecosystem ecology research at UCSB. Interested applicants should also peruse the UCSB Graduate Division website and application.