1985: Conception of project-Loomis white paper.

1987: National Institute of Health. Analysis of Navigation without Sight (Loomis, Golledge, Klatzky, Pellegrino & Doherty). Grant # RO1 EY07022-1, 07/01/87 - (end date?)

1992-1996: National Institute of Health/National Eye Institute. Navigational Aid for the Visually Impaired (Loomis, Golledge, & Klatzky). Grant # EY09740-02, 8/01/92 - 6/30/96.

1999-2003: Department of Health and Human Services. Navigating Without Vision: Basic and Applied Research (Loomis, Golledge & Klatzky). Grant # 2 RO1 EY09740-05A2, 4/1/99 - 3/31/03.

2001-06: National Institute for Disability Rehabilitation Research. Wayfinding technologies for people with visual impairments: Research and development of an integrated platform (Project director: M. May of Sendero; UCSB and CMU subcontracts: Loomis, Golledge, & Klatzky).