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UC Santa Barbara
Department of Geography
UC Santa Barbara
Department of Geography
Photo of Kostas Goulias

Kostas Goulias

Mailing Address:
Geography Department
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4060

5706 Ellison Hall
(805) 284-1597

Research Interests:
Transportation Systems Modeling and Simulation - Travel Behavior - Transportation Planning - Sustainable Transportation - Geographic Information Science - Economic Geography - Survey Methods
PhD, University of California Davis (Civil Engineering), 1991
MS, University of Michigan (Civil Engineering)
BS (Laurea), University of Calabria (Civil Engineering)
Courses Taught:
111 Transportation Systems Planning
211A Advanced Transportation Systems Planning
211B Analytical Methods in Travel Behavior
211C The 4Ts in Life: Time Use, Telecommunications, Technology, and Transportation
Kostas provides transportation engineering and planning consulting services to State/Federal agencies and International organizations and firms. He has worked in the United States, The Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Germany, Portugal, and Australia developing new modeling techniques, simulation frameworks, and expert reviews of technologies and engineering practice and policies. Before joining the UCSB Department of Geography, Kostas was the Program Director of the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute's Transportation Operations Program and the Director of the Center for Intelligent Transportation Systems (CITranS), College of Engineering and The Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, both at The Pennsylvania State University, 1997-2004
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