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UC Santa Barbara
Department of Geography
UC Santa Barbara
Department of Geography
Photo of Dan Montello

Dan Montello

Mailing Address:
Geography Department
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4060

5711 Ellison Hall

Research Interests:
Spatial perception, cognition, and behavior; cognitive issues in cartography and GIS; spatial aspects of social behavior; environmental psychology and behavioral geography
PhD, Arizona State University (Environmental Psychology), 1988
MA, Arizona State University (Psychology)
BA, The Johns Hopkins University (Psychology)
Courses Taught:
5, Introductory Human Geography
117B, Research Methods in Human Geography
150, Geography of the United States
153A, Behavioral Geography
153C, Environmental Perception and Cognition
221, Research Methods in Human Geography
229, Environmental Perception and Cognition
231, Cognitive Issues in Geographic Information Science
Dan is an affiliated faculty member of the Department of Psychology, he is the former Chair of the interdisciplinary Cognitive Science Emphasis Program, he served as the Vice Chair of the Department of Geography for 10 years, and he is currently an Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies in the College of Letters & Science.
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