Faraneh Chamran

Soil Science Group
Department of Geography

University of California, Santa Barbara


Professional Profile

GIS analyst with four years of experience in environmental and scientific research. Proven capabilities are applicable in several areas, including geographic information systems (GIS), database design and management, soil sciences, digital terrain analysis, environmental survey, and creative graphical display of quantitative information.


July 2000 to present

GIS Specialist/Research Associate - Soil Sciences Group, University of California at Santa Barbara

    • Geographic information systems project management; design, implementation of knowledge, and scheduling of various projects. Gathering records and manipulating data and information for analysis, and providing spatial information and reports as requested by grant-project guidelines.
    • Responsible for creating and implementing a relational database upon which structured queries could be served through the Internet.
    • Teacher Assistant for a GIS introductory course. Lead weekly laboratory discussions on GIS theory and application for 25-30 students. Responsible for weekly downloading and processing of data related to lab assignments. Duties include troubleshooting computer hardware and software problems.

September 1997 to June 2000

Research Assistant II - University of California at Santa Barbara

    • Integrated digital terrain analysis, modeling, and monitoring studies using GIS and GPS to provide a continuous and dynamic representation of hydro-ecological predictions such as change in soil-moisture, transpiration rates, and productivity in the California grasslands.
    • Devised and implemented a strategy using GIS tools to display and query quantitative information based on model results.
    • Wrote successful proposals and reports to support M.A. research in the Geography Department at University of California, Santa Barbara.

Summer 1997

Field Surveyor - Konza Prairie Long Term Ecological Research Site, Kansas

    • Supported biological and ecological research on the Konza Prairie research natural area by conducting a thorough survey of the vegetation and mammal habitat using real time kinematic GPS survey (Trimble Navigation).
    • Created reliable maps of the surveyed prairie using land survey processing software (Trimmap). Integrated these maps with topographical information in a GIS to guide future sampling strategies.

September 1996 to September 1997

Soil Sciences Field and Computer Technician - University of California at Santa Barbara

    • Conducted extensive soil field sampling determining morphological, taxonomic classification and field map of soils for the University of California at Sedgwick Natural Reserve, Santa Ynez, CA.
    • Image processing and analysis of Landsat (TM) to created classified maps of oak-woodland density, structure and health at the Sedgwick Natural Reserve, Santa Ynez, CA.
    • Organized and led weekly soil science field exercises for 30 students.


M.A. in Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara, June 2000

Emphasis in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Soil Sciences

B.A. in Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara, June 1997

Emphasis in Soil Sciences

Computer Skills

    • ESRI Software, Map Info, AutoCAD Map, S-PLUS (spatial statistics)
    • ENVI, ER Mapper, IPW (image processing software)
    • GPS (Trimmap - land survey and data processing software)
    • MS Access, MySQL
    • PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator; Photoshop, Dreamweaver

Professional Presentations and Publications

2000 F. Chamran, O.A. Chadwick, and P.E. Gessler, A Spatially Explicit Treatment of Soil-Water Dynamics Along a Semiarid Catena, 2000: Soil Science Society of America Journal (in Review).

2000 P.E. Gessler, O.A. Chadwick, F. Chamran, L.D. Althouse, and K. W. Holmes, Soil-landscape Modeling of Carbon Along a Catena, 2000: Soil Science Society of America Journal. 64:2046-2056.

1999 O.A. Chadwick, F. Chamran, and P.E. Gessler, Measurement and Modeling of Spatially Distributed Ecological Processes in Soil Landscapes, June 10-12, 1999: Soil Resources, 2nd International Conference. Minneapolis, MN.

1998 F. Chamran, O.A. Chadwick, and P.E. Gessler, Modeling of Soil-water in Complex Terrain, Oct. 18-22, 1998: Soil Science Society of America, 90th Annual Meeting. Baltimore, MD.

Grants and Awards

1998 Departmental Scholarship, University of California, Santa Barbara

1997 Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant

1996 Cal Space Grant, University of California Space Institute

1996 Norris Undergraduate Student Research Grant

1996 Presidentís Honor Roll, University of California, Santa Barbara

1995 American Womenís Association Academic Scholarship