Data Exchange Center - Sedgwick Natural Reserve

Currently the Soil Science's Data Exchange Center serves the Soil and GIS databases for the University of California Sedgwick Natural Reserve.

The GIS database is a compilation of ARC/Info coverages and grid from various sources, and of varying accuracies, which have been cropped to the Sedgwick Reserve study area (Figure a). These can be used for all kinds of terrain analysis or graphical presentation of spatially referenced data using Arc/Info, ArcView, Idrisi, or any other software that will accept ARC-formatted data. For more information or clarification, contact Karen Holmes: (

The Soil database consists of soil physical, chemical, hydrological and ecological data which is being compiled since 1997. This database is limited to a 2 hectare hillslope in the Lisque Valley of the Segdwick study area (Figure b). For more information or clarification, contact Faraneh Chamran: ( 

The Climate database is generated from a meterological station based at the Sedgwick Natural Reserve. This database consists of daily and hourly precipitation, wind speed, air temperature, humidity and solar radiation data. It has been compiled in a Microsoft Access database and could be requested through the Sedgwick Reserve Director Dr. Mike Williams: (

GIS Database
Soil Database