IDEAS Home Page

Welcome to the website for IDEAS (Innovative Datasets for Environmental Analysis by Students), hosted by the Geography Department within the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB). This website provides access to real-time and archived data and webcam images from automated meteorological stations we deployed around Santa Barbara County, along with many supporting materials to compliment the data from our stations. Several undergraduate classes at UCSB have used this website, and we invite you to use it in your classes or research as well. If you value the services provided by this website, please take our user survey, which should require only a few seconds to complete.

The animation in the upper-left corner of the screen, and many others on this site, may not work unless you have a recent version of the Adobe Flash player installed; click here to download a current version of the Adobe Flash player (which is free). Because we're still working on this site, some links may not work, and a few sections are still under construction.

Collage showing what the IDEAS project is about
Collage by Jenny Douthett and Ted Eckmann