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Graduate Handbook

Studies of the Earth system inevitably require access to vast stores of information - in the form of raw data and of accumulated scholarly knowledge. In collaboration with Computer Science, UCSB’s Department of Geography is already at the forefront in the development of technologies and infrastructures that allow such information to be found and accessed across distributed networks. Such studies also require a solid foundation of tools for exploring spatial data and for implementing knowledge of process in computational models. In our vision, we anticipate a steady shift from our current emphasis on the infrastructure for sharing data and tools to a greater emphasis on the sharing of knowledge of dynamics, particularly in the form of computational models. This shift will also require more specialization in the unique properties and problems associated with geographic information and geographic information science.

» The Graduate Program Assistant

For help, contact the Graduate Program Assistant:
Phone: (805) 456-2829.

 The Graduate Program Assistant (GPA) provides administrative and clerical support for the graduate program (and sometimes is just a sympathetic ear). Assisting in the coordination of the admissions process, the GPA is often the student's initial contact in the department. The GPA assists the graduate advisor in monitoring students' progress toward their degrees, and also provides information about departmental and Graduate Division policies and procedures. Faculty and students alike rely heavily on the GPA for information, but, ultimately, faculty must be responsible for academic planning.

»Questions about the Graduate Handbook

Please notify the Graduate Program Assistant (), if any information is unclear or missing. It is each student's responsibility to confirm the deadlines, requirements, and paperwork that apply to his/her degree program at each step in the graduate school process.

This handbook is for graduate students already enrolled in the Geography at UCSB. It describes just about everything you'll need to know. For more general graduate information and to view the "Graduate Division Student Handbook," please visit the Graduate Division website.

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